Prototype Railroad Operations

A Virtual Real Time Tour of Durango Silverton Engine House
Bruce Evans
Beltlines and Terminal Railroads
Paul Hobbs
Border Crossings: How they work and how to model them
Bryson Sleppy
Cajon at War—Helper Operations
Stuart A. Forsyth
Cajon at War—The San Bernardino Bomb Plant
Stuart A. Forsyth
CTC Demystified 1 -
Introduction to CTC Machines
Doug Geiger MMR
CTC Demystified 2 - Advanced Features and Concepts of Centralized Traffic Control Machines
Doug Geiger MMR
Direct Traffic Control and Absolute Block Signals
Bruce Morden
Iron and Steel: The Industry
Doug Geiger, MMR
Railway Work Equipment in Operations?
Paul Hobbs
SONGS Reactor Vessel 1 move on Metrolink May 24, 2020
Tim Harris
Understanding North American Railroad Signals
John Parsons
A Virtual Tour of Durango Silverton Car Shop
Bruce Evans
Western Adventures
Bill Brown MMR

Prototype Railroad History

A Look at the Santa Fe Railway [ATSF] thru its Financial Statements: 1946-1967
Dr. Kevin Feeney CPA [retired]
Business Cars, Private Cars
Paul Hobbs
Colorado Model Railroad Museum
Michelle Kempema
"Hollywood's Trains & Trolleys" Talk with co-author Marc Wanamaker
Jared Nigro & Marc Wanamaker
Modeling Maintenance of Way Operations on the Dodge City and Santa Fe
Robert D. Walz
Red Brick Buildings & Brown Boxcars
Greg Johnson
Responding to a Derailment on the Southern Pacific Coast Line
Paul Deis
SP/UP operations LA division 79-present
Mike Osborne

Layout Design & Construction

A Fresh Approach to Lift-Ups
Don Winn, MMR
Basic Scenery Part 1
Al Turnbull
Basic Scenery Part 2
Al Turnbull
Building Benchwork with Extruded Aluminum
Magnus Christerson
Hands on background fir tree making
Lloyd Lehrer
LDSIG Panel: "What would you do differently" (WWYDD)
Seth Neumann
Making Inexpensive Pine Trees
Don Stewart
On30 Modular Railroading: The Pudding River Lumber Co.
Kevin Spady
Super Elevation of Model Railroad Trackwork
Stephen Lowe
The 7-year journey from design to layout completion
Richard Newmiller MMR
What Industries for your Cars
John Lowrance, MMR
X-Factor Staging
Bruce Morden

Layout Operations

Beyond the Basement - Interchange Staging
Mark Juett MMR
Evolution of an Operating Scheme
Bob Weinheimer MMR
Getting Started in Operations
Bob Weinheimer MMR
How to Add a Scene to a Layout in 15 Easy Steps
Bob Frankrone
Model Railroad Communications (Phones for Ops)
Seth Neumann
Modeling the Citrus Industry in 1952
Terry Fearn
Operations on the Pennsylvania Southern
Bob Weinheimer MMR
Prototypical Operations in T-TRAK
Bob Schaffer
Realistic Operations using SoundTraxx Products!
George Bogatiuk
Using Track Warrants for Realistic Operations
Robert G. Mangrum MMR

Modeling Techniques & Ideas

Advanced Tools and Tips
Doug Geiger, MMR
Building an Auto Loading Facility
Jeff Lee - MMR
Building Structures Two Ways – Acrylic and 3D Framing
Phil Edholm
Creating Interesting Model Railroad Landscapes
Kevin Spady
Creating Operations on the Louisville Southern Lines
Bob Frankrone
Des Moines Fire Station 1 A Prototype Model
Bruce Evans
Eyesight, Aging and the Modeler
Dr. Richard Meetz
Hands-on Make-and Take Weathering with Pan Pastel Powders and other Artist Mediums
James Keena
Love Those Loads
Bob Frankrone
Modeling Emergency Scenes
Bruce Evans
Modeling Innovations Using LARC Graphics
Bill Brown MMR
Modeling a Sawmill Log Pond
Ron Varnell
Modeling the Stenner Creek Trestle
Paul Deis
Rebuilding a Diesel Model Locomotive
Tim Foote
Scratchbuilding a timber frame lumber yard and concrete block coal silos
Richard Newmiller MMR
Scratch building Techniques in Styrene
Dan Kamikubo
Tips & Tricks for Scratchbuilding & Kitbashing
Leslie Eaton MMR
Using PowerPoint to Make Modeling Images and Designs
Phil Edholm
Vintage Metal Cars - Our Gift from the Past
John Lowrance MMR

DCC, LCC, Wiring & Electronics

A cheap and easy to install ABS signal system
Dennis Drury
A Gentle Introduction to Arduino Programming
John Bate
Basic wiring for DC/DCC
Al Turnbull
Clocks, Lights and LCC
Dr. Dana W Zimmerli
Creating Low Cost Circuits and PCBs using Fritzing
Pat Fleming
DCC Decoder installation in Legacy Locos
Gary Butts, MMR
Introduction to JMRI
Dan Moran
JMRI with Decoder Pro
Mark Juett MMR
Joys of Running Blunami
George Bogatiuk
LCC - What is it and who is it for Parts 1 and 2
Dick Bronson
LCC / OpenLCB User Group
Rick Lull
Model Railroad Electronics for Dummies
Dr. Dana W Zimmerli
Model Train Detection, what is it and what's it good for?
John Parsons
NanoAnimation for Under $10
Leslie Eaton, MMR
Planning and Wiring for DCC
Mark Juett MMR
Realistic Operations using SoundTraxx Products
George Bogatiuk
The Azatrax Trackside Signaling System
John Parsons
Tips and Tricks Using the ESU LokProgrammer
Carl Marchand

3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Other Computer Modeling

DIY WiFi Steam ProtoThrottle
Neil Erickson
Introduction to 3D Printing
Ray Persing
Laser Engraving Structures
Greg Johnson
Using Smartphones and Focus Stacking for Model RR Photographye
Ed Merrin

Achievement Programs & Standards Settings

Achievement Program Q&A
Ray Persing
If You See Something, Say Something
Don Winn, MMR
Judging Contest Models
Bill Brown MMR and Jim Zinser MMR
NMRA standards, Recommended Practices, and Gauges
Brian Barnt
Scratching my way to a Cars AP Certificate
Don Winn, MMR

Other Areas of Interest

Effective Promotions and Communications for Your Organization
Michael Frezell
NMRA Vision 2030! Looking Together Down the Tracks Ahead
John Doehring
Revolutionizing Model Railroading with AI: Discover How ChatGPT Can Transform Your Hobby
Pat Fleming
The 2024 NMRA Members Survey – Feedback from the Front Lines
John Doehring
Women in Model Railroading
Michelle Kempema