california southern Model Railroad Club

  • Scale: HO
  • Era: Non specifc
  • Locale: Southern California
  • Size: 1800’ square feet
  • Benchwork: 95% completed<
  • Track: 95% completed
  • Scenery: 85% completed
  • Control: Digitrax DCC

The layout is predominantly flat along the first half of the Lower Level, with a gradual incline starting at Malin Yard and increasing through various sections, reaching a ruling grade of 1.75 to 2.0% near Chester Junction. The Upper Level return loop is level, offering a smooth transition for trains. With enough room for approximately 5-7 mainline trains, 3-4 locals, and yard jobs, the layout accommodates various operations simultaneously. Train lengths of 30 to 40 cars are feasible, with staging yard tracks averaging about 23 feet in length. The minimum radius on the mainline is 40”, and the layout features a mix of double and single track sections, with signal installation ongoing. Inspired by Southern California, the layout maintains flexibility with a non-era specific theme, welcoming modern equipment and offering tunnels and bridges with ample clearance for double-stacks. A trip around the layout takes approximately 15-20 minutes, offering an engaging and immersive experience for enthusiasts of all levels.