Highland Park

  • Scale: HO, HOn3
  • Era: “Transition Era” when steam converted to diesel, but all eras are displayed as time has advanced since the original conception
  • Locale: freelance with California inspired scenery
  • Size: 30 ft. X 40 ft.
  • Benchwork: 100% completed<
  • Track: 98% completed
  • Scenery: 55% completed
  • Control: Digitrax DC/DCC dual; (NCE DCC)

The HPSMRE was founded on April 1st 1948 in Highland Park, but has been located in its current San Gabriel location since October 1962.  Our model railroad layout, lounge and work spaces are located in a one-bedroom house that has been remodeled and expanded throughout our history.

The layout depicts the fictitious Highland Pacific Railroad and is approximately 3,500 feet of track (nearly 58 scale miles) featuring (2) roundhouses, multiple rail-yards and rail-served businesses, a narrow and dual gauge section and traction interurban lines.  This is operated with a Centralized Traffic Control center and a balcony housing a dispatcher panel and (5) mainline cabs.  Our detailed scenery features a seaport, mountains, waterways, farming and logging areas, plus various small towns and homes. Our favorite feature is a working model of the famous Angels Flight Railway. The layout has been featured in several model railroading magazines.