• Scale: HO, HOn3
  • Era: Modern
  • Locale: San Diego, Surf Line, Los Angeles, Mojave, Reno, Portola, Inside Gateway, Bend, Klamath Falls, Seattle
  • Size: 50X80 multi-level
  • Benchwork: 65% completed<
  • Track: 65% completed
  • Scenery: 55% completed
  • Control: Digitrax NCE, MRC

Layout 1: The Eastern California RR is an HO multi-deck layout spanning a route from San Diego to Seattle through Los Angeles, Reno, the inside gateway and Oregon Trunk. Amtrak, Metrolink, UP and BNSF operations are modelled and the inside gateway portion is ABS signaled. The Surf line is double track with switch position signals only.

Layout 2: Horseshoe and Cottonwood/SPNG is a proto-lanced Hon3 layout focusing on the Southern Pacific Narrow gauge in Eastern California in the 1910’s and a fictionalized (H&C) subsidiary that climbs into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The 35X25’ layout is spread over two rooms and four decks with switchbacks and some dual gauge track work.