Joel Morse’s New York, Ontario & Western

  • Scale: N
  • Era: 1954
  • Locale: Upstate New York
  • Size: 125 Square Feet
  • Benchwork: 100% completed
  • Track: 100% completed
  • Scenery: 50% completed
  • Control: Digitrax Simplex and Duplex

This proto-lanced point to point layout models the NYOW main line through the rolling hills of New York’s Catskill Mountains in the spring of 1954. Traffic consists of dairy products, coal, bluestone granite, farm products, produce, wood chemical products and a variety of manufactured goods. The layout goal is to provide a combination of switching and through traffic focused jobs to the operating crews. This E-shaped, folded dog-bone layout includes a 10-track staging yard representing the Division points of Cadosia and Norwich on the NYOW, a hidden track representing connection to the Delaware and Hudson Railroad and a 9-track staging yard representing the DL&W mainline at Binghamton and Syracuse. All this staging allows for the 7 operators to run a variety of train types, with a typical session handling 15 to 20 trains. A first layer of scenery is completed over the entire layout, with detailed scenery treatments in progress all over the railroad. Structures include a combination of scratchbuilt, kit-bashed, kit built, and swap meet stand-ins.!