Don Julien’s DJ&C Railroad

  • Scale: HO
  • Era/Locale/Prototype: None specific, rural mountainous mostly early-mid diesel era
  • Size: 11' x 11.5' ("L" shape), shelf-like 2' wide (4' for end loops), 50 square feet
  • Benchwork: L girder, 100% complete
  • Track: 120' (2 scale miles), 100% complete
  • Minimum Radius: 18"
  • Turnouts: 19 (all with switch machines)
  • Scenery: mostly plaster shell (Hydrocal), 99% complete
  • Control: Recently DIY/custom dead-rail using ESP32 and 18650 Li-ion battery, cell phone (Wi-Fi) cab control; supports any number of locos

The DJ&C Railroad is set in a somewhat mountainous region and consists of a variety of road names (2 of UP and ATSF, 1 each of CN, CP, and Southern).

The layout consists of a single line dogbone laid out in a spaghetti bowl manner, looping back and forth over itself several times (3 levels) in order to get as much track as possible within a somewhat small space.  However, the mountainous terrain and tunnels help to disguise the back and forth looping.