David Sheegog’s Castle Peak & Thunder Railroad

Concrete mountains, 13 water features, stone and wood bridges, custom built locomotives, rolling stock and structures

  • Scale: G
  • Era/Locale: Disneyland Railroad traveling through Disney film settings
  • Size: 45 feet x 62 feet
  • Track: 100%
  • Scenery: 100%
  • Control: Battery powered AirWire
The Castle Peak and Thunder Railroad is a Disney-themed outdoor G scale railroad that has been in operation for almost 25 years. All structures have been scratch built by the owner and locomotives and rolling stock are custom built replicas of the Disneyland Railroad. Originally built for family enjoyment, it has become a community attraction visited by thousands each year at public open houses. It has been featured on numerous television spots, magazine and newspaper articles and is continually being expanded and refined for return viewers.