Gary Johnson’s Johnson Railroad

Concrete mountains, 13 water features, stone and wood bridges, custom built locomotives, rolling stock and structures

  • Scale: G
  • Era/Locale: Freelance – Transition Era
  • Size: ½ of back yard
  • Track: 2000 Feet of track, 15000 Feet of wire
  • Scenery: 100%
  • Control: DC

The layout is comprised of G scale steam and diesel engines running on approximately 2000 feet of track.  The train operations building alongside the lower layout has a complex control system for the entire layout.

 Hillside rock formations with waterfalls and numerous tunnels at various points of the layout were hand crafted to give an effect of traveling through towns of the past and current days.  Below the hill, the trains will continue to run through another rural area with a small town.