Al Turnbull photo

Al Turnbull started playing with trains sometime in the fifties. He managed to put together a few small layouts, then with school, career, marriage, and kids wound up just a tad distracted.  Started looking into getting back in the hobby just after the turn of the century.  Happily, a gentleman he worked with convinced him to join his club which was the Mt Rainier N-Scale Club in 2003. He is still a member of that club. In 2004, he really got back into the hobby with a ‘nTrak’ module in the NMRA National Train Show, and joined the NMRA in June of 2006, Pacific Northwest Region.

He participated in many shows since with MRNS assisting with design, installation and maintenance of the wiring and control panels.  He placed his own layouts in the Pacific Science Center ‘Railroad Show’ several years so their children who visited could see and run some small trains. He has presented several clinics at regional events on the West coast concentrating on scenery, trees and electrical wiring.