titled Richard Newmiller MMR photo

Richard Newmiller, MMR, has developed over a dozen clinics with topics that reflect his interest in scratch building structures, cars, and open loads. These clinics have been presented to audiences at NMRA divisional, regional, and national meetings. His modeling skills have earned him three “Best-in Show” awards in judged contests. Rich has built his second proto-freelanced Pennsylvania RR HO layout (12’ x 20’) with considerable influence from prototype structures in and around the city of Philadelphia, PA. His medium sized layout includes 491’ of track, 30 rail-served industries and 104 car spots. The goals of his second layout included trouble free running and a purpose – generating implied revenue by delivering goods to various customers. Rich took on the challenge of learning to operate his railroad with 2 or 3 guests and discovered another rewarding and satisfying aspect to the hobby of model railroading!

See the YouTube videos of his layout at https://youtu.be/QgUQHXImUY4 (logging) or https://youtu.be/PTJ0t4zwmsU  (mainline).