Neil Erickson Photo

Neil Erickson lives in Hawaii but was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. His wife and two children have lived in Hawaii for 32 years. After practicing architecture for over 20 years, He joined the County of Hawaii where he is still employed in the Office of Housing and Community Development.

His lifelong interest in model railroading has taken many paths, including meeting amazing people from all over the world and proud to call many friends. He has done presentations on NRMAx and with the Pacific Coast Region on topics on the Oahu Railway to dead rail. With the help of three members of the MRH forum, they developed a DIY WiFi Steam Throttle that was published over three issues of the MRH Magazine. This project from the four amigos has been a culmination of learning to build accurate models; run and route trains and freight prototypically; and now handle an engine in a way that simulates a live steam locomotive with tactile controls unlike any other throttle available today. He is a moderator on the MRH forum.