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Dr. Richard Meetz is a retired Clinical Professor of the Indiana University School of Optometry IUB.  During his 41 years on faculty, among the many courses he taught were Applied Clinical Optics, Medicine, Epidemiology and Environmental Optics. He brings everyday useful information from those and how those courses affect your vision and hobby. In addition, he has 22 years of concurrent private practice experience, 35 years as a national board examiner and 25 years as adjunct faculty teaching in the IUB medical school and the optometry program in Bangkok, Thailand. He has given more than 300 invited talks including 20+ for the NMRA national and regional meets on the topic of lighting, vision and vision aids for modelers. He grew up along the SP main line in Tucson, AZ and has been a Life Member since 1987. He models the SP in southern Arizona in HO.