titled Dr. Dana Zimmerli photo

Dana Zimmerli received a PhD in EE/Computer Science in 1972 while working at the Iowa State University Computer Center as the lead System Programmer for the university’s IBM 360 computer. After moving to Southern California in 1973, Dana joined the Belmont Shore Model Railroad club and participated in the first large NTRAK at the San Diego NMRA convention in 1974. After aiding the movement of the club to Bell, CA, and then to San Pedro, Dana took a period away from the club for an assignment in Florida. Dana rejoined the club in 2011 and has served as the president during this time.

Dana’s expertise in industry has been as a System Engineer and Program Manager for projects including early GPS development, Guidance control for smart weapons, and sensors (Radar and Optical) for the Global Hawk UAV.

Since retiring in 2011, Dana has been active in the LCC work, including several Clinics at regional conventions. Dana is the author of the book “Introduction to Layout Command Control”.