Bill Brown

Mark has been interested in trains and railroads from a very early age. It likely has a lot to do with the influence of his older cousin. At seven he received a Lionel set for Christmas. By age 15 he had switched to HO scale.

Mark rejoined the NMRA after college and has been a member continuously since. His interest in trains, things mechanical and electrical led to an education in Engineering. He practiced engineering only two years before being recruited into management and obtaining his MBA.

He is actively involved in the NMRA DCC WG, writes the NMRA Magazine Pulse of DCC column and manages the Conformance & Inspection Group of the NMRA. Mark is Master Model Railroader #660 holding eight certificates. He plans to pursue all eleven. Mark has a custom model railroad building business covering all aspects of the hobby and many different types of projects.

Mark models the L&N LC&L sub in September 1967 in HO scale. That is the region where he grew up. It could have been the Southern, C&O, B&O or even the Monon, but the gray and yellow diesels were his first love. Of course the model railroad is DCC and uses Computer Model Railroad Interface to control ABS signals, switch machines, switch locks and yard panels. Monthly operating sessions are hosted on the LC&L sub, dispatching by TT&TO. He has hosted at Prairie Rail and Pro Rail. Occasionally he is able to attend op sessions elsewhere.

Mark and his wife Lynn have 9 grandchildren and are raising one of them. A couple of grandsons show interest in trains and model railroads. Mark & Lynn are active in their church serving and teaching. Over the last four years, Mark has coached tee ball, youth baseball and youth football for his grandson. He also likes history, gardening, house projects, is active in taekwondo and helping others. In good weather they get out the vintage Mustang GT convertible for drives.