Martyn Jenkins photo

Martyn Jenkins is a late bloomer in the world of railway modelling! His journey into this hobby started in his forties, quite a departure from his earlier passion for percussion in various bands across Melbourne and Queensland. From pounding beats in highland pipe bands to belting out tunes in top 40 cover bands, music was his  groove before the rails took over.

What pulled him into model railways was an unexpected source of inspiration – scale carnival ride models. I vividly remember the charm of the travelling carnival on Rye foreshore in Melbourne, which sparked my creative itch to recreate it in miniature. A visit to Trainplace in Wolffdene and seeing their expansive O scale layout sealed my fate – model trains became more than a hobby; they became an obsession.

Growing up on Melbourne trains fueled his choice of prototype – VR & V/line in 1983. Currently, He is knee-deep in building a layout spanning an impressive 8.5 x 5.2 meters. Nestled in an insulated, air-conditioned train shed (a Queensland essential!), it's a labor of love, modeled after the bustling Newport to Geelong line.

Active in the NMRA since 2008, He has worn many hats – from Division 1 Superintendent in the AR to serving on the Board of Directors as the At Large Worldwide Director. My journey into railways may have started later in life, but it has been an exhilarating ride ever since!