Dick Bronson Photo 

Dick Bronson has been modeling in HO since the 1950's. His first 'layout' was three pieces
of fiber tie flex track and two cars on a 1 x 6 board. Dick is a life member of the NMRA
and has presented clinics (mainly Signaling with JMRI, and more recently about LCC) at
numerous local, regional, and national NMRA conventions.

Work on his own layout, the Little Mountain & Possum Hollow RR has come to a virtual stop
since he and his wife Karen moved their company, RR-CirKits, Inc. (rr-cirkits.com) from part
time to full-time status about 20 years ago. 

Besides keeping busy with RR-CirKits, Dick and Karen stay active in their church choir, and a
Charlotte NC area MRR club.