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Bob Weinheimer  joined the NMRA in 1980 in Louisville, KY.  Subsequent relocations took him to suburban Philadelphia then to Charleston, WV.  In both locations the local NMRA Division was inactive but by 2003 the Mid Central Region reactivated the Division serving Charleston as well as much of West Virginia and nearby parts of Kentucky and Ohio.  Bob has served as Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of his Division and chaired a Region convention in 2010.  He has also served the Mid Central Region as Secretary, Vice President, and President.  He earned his MMR® in 2007.

Bob’s modeling interests are in operations.  His layout is freelance and has survived two moves.  He has presented a number of clinics describing operations the layout at Regional and National conventions.

Bob earned his PhD in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and worked in industrial research until his retirement