Carl Marchard Photo

Carl’s career in electronics and interest in model railroading have been intertwined since childhood. Bitten by the model train bug after traveling on the pre-Amtrak Florida streamliners during the 60s and early 70s, Carl received his first HO scale model train set in 1972. While building his second HO scale layout in junior high school, a choice was made to install a signal system for more realistic operation.

Realizing knowledge in electronics was required, Carl bought Peter J. Thorne’s book, Practical Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders and his 40+ year journey began, first as an industrial electronics technician, moving to high-end audio electronics and serving for a time maintaining recording studio equipment at Ron Rose Productions in Tampa, FL. Carl played guitar semiprofessionally in the Tampa Bay area and spent some time as a sound engineer for live bands and in the recording studio. From 1991 to 1998 Carl taught Industrial Electronics at Tampa Bay Technical Area Center.

An avid interest in personal computers led to the next phase of Carl’s career, becoming an IT professional, specializing in network design and system analysis. Carl was introduced to DCC in 2004 and saw the benefits of operating model trains via electronic control. He jumped in with both feet, converting from DC to DCC and eventually becoming a professional DCC installer. Carl joined the NMRA in 2007 and has since helped others to learn about DCC by giving clinics and demonstrations at NMRA modeler’s meets and conventions. Carl currently works in the aerospace industry as an IT Senior Manager of Infrastructure and Security at ALIGN PRECISION CORP.

Carl lives with his wife Vicki in Tarpon Springs, FL. Vicki is also a model railroader, and they spend time enjoying the hobby together. Their daughter Denise lives in Greer, SC. Carl and Denise share a passion for record collecting and music history. His other hobbies include bike riding, being an avid audiophile and having traveling adventures with Vicki.